Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time is racing by at Laikipia Wilderness. We have been so lucky to be very busy with guests. The wild dogs had their pups back in October and we started seeing them with the adults outside the den playing in mid December. There were 12 pups but one little runt didn't make it. Tempting to scoop it up and try and raise it but you can't. So we are down to 11 and they are strong and healthy and hunting with the adults now.
They have taken to hunting at night over full moon which makes sightings trickier over this time as they sleep most of the day in thick bush. Otherwise, at other times we can follow them twice a day hunting, drinking at the dam etc. I will post some photos when we have some, I am expecting quite a few to come in the next few weeks.
Elephants are in good numbers, 48 at the dam last week whilst we watched over brunch. Chocolate coloured babies rolling around in the mud was the highlight.
We saw 6 leopards in 2 days which is a record for us and not normal so don't expect it! But very rewarding.
Owl Shabab our pet greyish eagle owl has flown the nest and only comes to visit and beg for food occasionally which is good, he is self-sufficient but we miss him. Santeria our legendary Samburu waiter who can't speak much English but is a saint when it comes to collecting food for wild birds, is off mouse-catching duty and probably very relieved though he also misses the owl.
Everyone else is well, children, staff, dogs, cat. This is the best weather at this time of year, hot and sunny and clear days.
Some photos soon to brighten this up and show of those puppies. My favourite has black spots in its white tail tuft.