Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We are into our second month. First few weeks saw some amusing episodes in the kitchen. Steve calling for the team to quickly find the bed rolls and pack them ready for our first fly-camping trip sent Godfrey our cook into a flat spin and rolling out hundreds of bread rolls not bed rolls. Kenyan fried eggs tend to be turned a few times and quite well done. Our first demonstration of a different kind of fried egg, sunny-side up produced not-quite-clones of the raw variety which exits a chicken's bottom and made their way 7/8ths of the way to the breakfast table before they were hijacked by myself and wobbled back to the kitchen for transition from clear to white whites.

Including these entertaining moments, all has gone remarkably smoothly and our staff have been a fantastic team. Game-viewing has been remarkable and we are so fortunate to be in such a beautiful spot. The camp is tucked beneath the brow of a hill, hidden and secretive but with the most lovely, peaceful views of ranges of hills, the river, and sightings of elephant and giraffe herds often enough to keep you looking but rare enough to be thrilling when they arrive.

From my office the most serene view, a window into this scene and in amongst the boxes of pasta, olive oil and home-made jams which happens to host the best telephone and internet signal in camp, I answer emails and battle with the slow connection sending out photos and the occasional bit of script. Weekly trips to Nanyuki for supplies include a stint with wifi, a sniff of the outside world, the excitement of another pace and chatter of friends in town. And then back to a piece of borrowed wilderness, untouched heaven filled with rare and beautiful breeds of zebra, giraffe, hartebeest and less rare but still astounding even after nearly 15 years living here, elephants, wild dogs, hippos, lions, leopards calling, different breeds of caterpillar presented to me by our sons in their hands, and new birds arriving from time to time.

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