Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October already, exceptional rains in July and August brought a lot of grass to Laikipia, all the wildlife is in very good condition and our small vegetable garden in camp producing giant lettuces and courgettes!
October has been our busiest month so far, more wild dog photographers, couples of all ages and families from the UK and Nanyuki over half term.
The two packs of wild dogs we are lucky enough to be able to track in partnership with the Laikipia predator project who we assist with data on sightings are both doing extremely well. The smaller pack of 18 has just denned, on the 12th of October the alpha female went into the den and has not appeared since so we assume she has given birth whilst the rest of her pack is hunting daily in the area. The bigger pack is also about to den and comes and goes through the area. So by early Jan we hope to see puppies on the move, big enough to emerge from the den and start moving slowly over small distances with the pack. Fingers crossed their dens wont be disturbed forcing them to move sites which they have done a few times over the last 5 years since we have been following them.
In camp our staff have become confident with day to day looking after guests and as we get busier and busier it feels like a ship with sails out and blowing along! Felt like a wobbly ship a few months ago when we first opened but Rome wasnt built over night and as one of our local friends said, every journey begins with a step..

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  1. We had the most amazing time with you all. Thanks for the insights into the bush; the warm and hospitable camp, delicious food and homely atmosphere. We camped under the stars around the fire, by the side of the stream, listened to hyena and lion having a barney, tracked wild dog on foot, swam in the river and dam and went for a memorable walk to Lemartis. Josephs quest for wild honey was insatiable. What a great team. Best of luck with it all. It is an extraordinary corner of Africa and has left us with many memories. Jo & Sarah from Franschhoek (4 glorious nights and days in September)